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September 4, 2019
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CEO Series “Wisdom Pearls for Leaders & Entrepreneurs!” By Dilip Pandya
April 24, 2021

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2021!

Well, at the cusp of the year most of us create New Year Resolutions. What are the resolutions about and Why do we create New Year Resolutions?? Well, it signifies that all of us want to be better, change for the better.

I have selected a very relevant topic which is very absorbing, the concept called the " VISION".

Prima Facie, VISION appears to be too simplistic too common-sensical... After all, everybody of us appreciates the Gift of Sightedness - the ability to see. Well, let me caution you on two counts:

  1. The Gift of Sightedness is not equivalent to having a VISION from an organizational perspective, from a managerial perspective.
  2. VISION is simplistic enough a concept but no EASY.

Interesting??? Well, that's what we will discuss in this blog series. We will also touch upon why exactly is it important to have a critical VISION statement, and what happens if you don't have one!

What constitutes an effective VISION statement & how do we create one? We will take examples as help to grasp the concept.

A vision is an expression of Your Passion, Inspirations & Aspirations over the Long term, mark the operative words the "Long-term".

My GURU - Dr. Oleg Konovalov himself a noted globally recognized authority on the subject. He has released a book called "The Vision Code". He succinctly puts the VISION as - The Future space defined Today! Wow! Powerful!! Wonderful!! Profound!!!

Well, VISION is critical for everybody, all ENTITIES; be it A Large Organizations, A Small Organization, A Start-Up; be it a Founder, a CEO, a Manager, an Entrepreneur, even YOU!!... Yes, YOU watching this video.. do you have a VISION statement??

Which is why you should not give this a miss. We shall also discuss a PARADOX existing in the corporate world today wherein we observe that this highly CRITICAL TO SUCCESS factor is still ignored by the majority of us. It shall be very absorbing. I shall discuss all the relevant points in my next blog.

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    Nicely explained blog. Must read.

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