The Company


To “Transcend” is to rise beyond one’s potential. ‘Mentor’ is a master who is experienced and trusted and who guides the ‘Mentee’ through the complete process IN A MANNER WHICH THE MENTEE FINDS ENJOYABLE, thereby enabling all-round development. At Transcend Biz Mentors we enable businesses and teams and individuals to scale and create benchmarks while enhancing potential. We adapt the process according to the optimum requirement of the Organization/Team/s. Our USP is that our Mentorship Program creates a Sustainable growth which lasts much beyond our formal period of Mentorship Program!

Transcend Biz Mentors (TBM) provides a Professional & Structured Business Mentoring program enabling a sustainable transformation into a Professional & Productive Unit. TBM brings in a unique & varied blend of expertise to lay strong foundations & build a scalable business growth model, by contributing to every Department-Unit-Branch-SBU across your organization. Many Businesses have benefitted by partaking in the Comprehensive Mentorship Solutions Program & have escaped from their TRAPPED ORBITS to register a QUANTUM FILLIP in the top & the bottom lines through a smooth, energetic & joyous voyage.

Another UNMATCHED strength of Transcend Biz Mentors - We have mentored MSME/Medium/Large Organizations across Local, National, & International Arena across various sectors.­

TBM can create scintillating growth for you whatever your product / business / industry / sector / size.