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Comprehensive Mentoring Solutions

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Scope of Services

We operate from the Client’s premise during the Transformation Process and NOT from the comforts of our office. The idea is to get completely involved with All aspects of the business of the Client and Assimilate with all the teams to Imbibe the culture and dynamics of the Client-Organization. This enables us to Create and Deploy Tailor-made Solutions at a pace and pitch which is conducive for the Client-Teams to learn and practice. We gradually improve on the pace as we ensure adequate Skilling and/or Re-Skilling with Client-Teams while we also focus on creating an eco-system to facilitate Growth, thereby making resounding success an inevitability.

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You are the most important being in your Organization! You are the Mind and the Heart of your entity!

We help you out with a highly Proven way of working which shall facilitate your Operations and make them effective, Thereby enabling YOU to become "Tension-Free"

Your role is the most valuable to your organization and we help you realize just that “your value”!

Areas of Attention
  • Caught up unduly in daily operations leaving no time for focusing on building up the business
  • Daily Operations suffering in Your absence
  • Lack of apt info leading to ad hoc decisions, bad for the long term
  • Succession planning for second generation
Scope of Services
  • Mentoring to create Second Line for Operations
  • Effective methodologies for Monitoring and Control by developing Management Information Systems
  • Executive Coaching for Top Brass
  • Create sustainable and scalable Organizational Systems, Processes and Policies

We believe Profit is NOT a dirty word and that Profit generation should be the primary objective of any business Enterprise. We also have proven that Profits can be generated consistently Irrespective of the market scenario. We have sound conviction that the same can only be achieved through all-round Alignment and participation across all Stakeholders IN as well as OUTSIDE the organization! We have always delivered this for our clients through meticulous planning and action, and inducing participation from an ever-hungry team effort Not ONLY the Top-Management!

Areas of Attention
  • Inconsistent and inadequate profits
Scope of Services
  • Establish 3 years' of S.M.A.R.T Targets for profit generation
  • Identify and arrest Financial leakages and inefficiencies
  • Develop Scientific Tools for Business Effectiveness Analysis
  • Develop Accountability Campaigns to drive profits through all SBUs
  • Create Comprehensive, Practicable & Sustainable drives to increase Top- Line and Reduce Costs

We create a Detailed and Exclusively Adapted Organizational Mentorship Schedule for You which includes complete Hand-Holding, facilitation and delivery of the entire transformation process at individual, team, Departmental and Organizational levels. Professional and Experienced deployment of CHANGE MANAGEMENT TOOLS ensures Friction-Free Transition and Efficient and Joyful functioning thereafter!

Areas of Attention
  • Top-Line Results are Inconsistent
  • Staff resistant to change
  • Unacceptance of Mentor/Consultant
  • Inapt solutions in previous consulting associations
  • Some employees are a nuisance value but indispensable
  • Lots of fire- fighting daily
  • Lack of Ownership and Responsibility Orientation amongst team
  • Confused and Inadequate Responsibility / Accountability / Empowerment relationships
  • Relationships super-impose on task
  • Repetitive Mistakes
  • Lack of Optimal Efficiency in Operations
  • Job Duplication
  • High Job Latency
  • Compensation exceeding accountability
  • Conflict in team members
  • Mind-set of mere existence in lieu of Growth
  • Lack of Excitement in Business Growth
  • Even Moderate Growth becomes too Hot to handle
Scope of Services
  • Creating Short & Medium- term Strategic Plan and detailed Annual Operating Plan/s
  • Develop Scientific mechanism for best practice learnings and sharing
  • Workshops at all levels on Change Management
  • Cultivating in-house group for mentoring to ensure quick and effective transformation
  • Engagement interviews through Proprietary Scientific Mode to assimilate with team
  • Personality Assessments for all critical employees
  • Create successive programs enabling consistent growth
  • Create an Accountable, Effective, Productive First and Second Line for M.D & The Board
  • Complete SOP creation of all Processes
  • Create Redundancy in Operational Structure
  • Create a Responsibility Oriented Empowerment Structure
  • Interventions for Entrepreneurial Spirit Development amongst Employees
  • “FIRST TIME RIGHT” and Mistake-Proofing Culture to save Huge Costs
  • Enable Automation of Data Management - ERP
  • Create smooth Inter-Departmental Workflow
  • Restructure Emoluments to deliver an objective of Higher Productivity
  • Management of Increasing Fixed Costs
  • Conflict Management through Team Building Programs
  • Innovative Initiatives for Fun, Excitement and Performance Orientation

Comprehensive Methodology addressing Strategic as well as Tactical needs for enhancing Productivity through Result Orientation and Scientific Growth Management Tools.

We have a Proven Track-Record of generating record growth, Irrespective of the market scenario.

Areas of Attention
  • Resolving Inconsistent Growth Trajectories
  • Repeat Business not up- to the mark
  • Lack of Organized Sales Approach
  • Sales Team feeling that they are doing their best BUT Targets are not being achieved
  • Channel Partners Not aligned to Organizational Needs
  • Lack of Market Intelligence
  • Lack of Competition Mapping and Analysis
  • Lack of CS Measurement Matrix
  • Lack of Customer orientation among teams
  • Low Customer Satisfaction
Scope of Services
  • Develop Scientific Sales programs to Consistently Load Production Lines by enhancing performance through:

    1. Entire Basket of Products
    2. Tapping Untapped Markets
    3. Development & Increasing Effectiveness of Channel
    4. Development of Effective Lead Generation/ Tracking thereby Increase Funnel and Conversion Ratios
    5. Bringing the Bottom Sales Team/Channel Performers Up the Performance Scale
    6. If necessary, On- the- Field Mentoring of Sales Team
  • Develop Effective Sales Support by Non-Sales departments
  • Evolve an Effective Pricing Strategy; addressing and eliminating Components of Inefficiencies
  • Develop Sales Kits and Tools to drastically increase effectiveness of Sales Team
  • Develop tailor- made Sales Training programs
  • Develop Customer Life Cycle Management Intitatives
  • Develop Customer Loyalty Programs & thereby increase revenue from current customers
  • Develop Effective Customer Engagement Programs to boost Referral Business
  • Deploy Programs for Customer Orientation in entire Organization
  • Develop a Scientific Complaint Management and Reduction System

We also provide Out-Sourcing Solutions for your Entire / Specific Marketing Department Needs

Areas of Attention
  • Incoherent Marketing Plan
  • Sporadic and Inconsistent Marketing Efforts
  • Assessment of industry and market potential
  • Lack of Brand Management and Image Building
Scope of Services
  • Create a Marketing and Brand Strategy for Long Term Growth
  • Establishing a Coherent Marketing Plan with Modest/Effective Budgets
  • Website Development/ Restructuring
  • Developing Cost-Effective Marketing, Ad and Promotion campaigns including On-line/Digital Marketing
  • Developing Professional Company Profile and Presentation
  • Developing Product Presentations to aid sales
  • Developing Marketing Budget Efficacy measurement tools
  • Developing Scientific Systems to get the best out of Marketing efforts
  • Developing tools to Analyze and Assess the Market Potential
  • Developing relevant programs to exploit Untapped Market Potential
  • Utilize Low-Cost Promotional vehicles effectively

Engaged Employees are the Differentiators in winning the market place AND creating a Consistently Profitable Venture over a longer time period. Which is why we create a Friction-Free working environment at your Business and Create Conducive Culture, Policies and Process and Campaigns to generate SYNERGY while amplifying output at all levels, through Strategic/Tactical Programs and Training Workshops!

We also provide Out-Sourcing Solutions for your Entire / Specific HR Department Needs

Areas of Attention
  • High employee turnover amongst new and/or good employees
  • Incoherent Remuneration Structure
  • Inconsistent Productivity amongst team
  • Inadequate skill sets of employees
  • Inequitable Work-Distribution
  • Disengaged Employees
  • Rift between New and Old employees
  • Lack of Role Clarity
  • Lack of Managerial and Leadership skills in Managers/HODs
  • Nobody bothers about Organizational Goals
  • Lack of Cohesion and Team Spirit
  • Lack of Professional Decorum
  • Lack of Performance Management Systems
  • Lack of relevant Policies and / or inconsistent adherence
Scope of Services
  • Deploy Special Kid-glove Programs for New Inductees
  • Develop Employee Engagement Programs
  • Career Progression Policy
  • Industry & Competition Benchmarking
  • Restructuring organization to create parity in Responsibility / Compensation / Empowerment
  • Mentor the employees with Low- Productivity
  • Design Relevant and Scientific Performance Management Systems
  • Reframe policies and generate buy-in to ensure adherence
  • Training Need Analysis & Tailor-made Training Intervention Campaigns
  • Ensure that the desired transformation is created through a Program based Intervention approach and not an inconsistent and incoherent and
    irrelevant training effort
  • Job Description & Workflow Analysis
  • Employee personality assessment schedules
  • Creating “fun at work” environment
  • Creating pride in the organization
  • Develop Reward & Recognition programs
  • Training & Coaching & Mentoring HODs/ Managers to develop leadership and managerial skills
  • Employee and team Engagement Programs

Methodology of Enablement

In all methodologies, we honour our commitment of "Assured Acceleration"!


  • Need based visits­
  • Field Travel if necessary


  • Advisory plus Executional hand-holding
  • Projects also undertaken for:
    • Marketing
    • HR
    • Customer Service
    • Sales
  • We also provide Out-Sourcing Solutions for your Entire / Specific Marketing & HR Department Needs


Unique methodology which makes Improvement ABSOLUTELY MEASURABLE!!

  • Providing top-rated leadership Coaching for executives & high-potential leaders
  • Coaching Modules for all Levels of Staff
  • Coaching Modules for Entrepreneurs
  • Coaching leaders & professionals to become great coaches
  • Helping large organizations establish a peer coaching process
  • Coaching for leadership that ensures executives achieve & sustain long-term, positive behavioral change
  • Developing customized Leader of the Future profiles that describe the desired behaviors (or competencies) of future leaders in the organization
  • Designing customized 360° Leader of the Future inventories that reinforce leadership profiles
  • Delivering leadership training that helps leaders align their behaviors with their organization’s Leader of the Future profile
  • Following-up & measuring the results of coaching or training through a quantifiable process


  • Across all departments & levels
  • Skill-Competence-Motivational development
  • We ensure Transformation of Units / Teams / Individuals through Assessment - based Campaign/s of Interventions. We are completely Accountable for delivery thereby ensuring that the Training Budgets become Sound Investments

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