What is a Business Mentorship?

BUSINESS MENTORSHIP is a process which ensures “TRANSFER OF SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCE & METHODOLOGY which leads to a NEW WAY OF LIFE” for an Organisation.

Our BUSINESS MENTORSHIP program ensures Orbit-shifting growth for any enterprise. We have a 100% track record of registering a 40% – 300% growth through our CORPORATE MENTORSHIP modules. More importantly, the transformation that we enable, “TRANSCENDS” the self-limiting inhibitions and generates a SCALABLE and SUSTAINABLE growth in this VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

Besides guiding Entrepreneurs through the unravelling of “WHAT”, “WHERE”, “WHEN”, WHY”, “WHO, we enable the deployment GROWTH ACTIONS by ensuring complete involvement in the most important aspect viz. “HOW” through our MANAGEMENT MENTORSHIP methodology.This makes us completely accountable for results.


The vast experience of our Mentor makes it possible to adapt our Business Mentorship Program suitable for all scales of Organisations including Small Businesses. Our deep involvement in each department/process and with each team right up to the individual level helps correction in approach across the hierarchy and builds competence irrespective of the levels of literacy or experience of employees. We have registered stupendous growth in our clients in MSME sector through our extensive hand-holding across more than 20 sectors of Industries.

CORPORATE Mentorship

Having an enriching experience of more than three decades with Large Brands, Indian as well as Multinational, our Mentor has developed, tried and tested successfully and distilled the CORPORATE MENTORSHIP program where we get involved across all aspects of a Corporate. We also undertake incisive projects where we facilitate outsourcing of processes or sub-processes such as HR, L & D, Marketing, Employee Life Cycle Management, Customer Life Cycle Management, Sales et al.

Business Growth Mentorship

We undertake our due diligence to enable formation of highly relevant and clear Strategic as well as Tactical Action Points for growth of a Business. Our proven methodology shapes up all aspects of a Business and not just a particular vertical, to ensure that the growth is sustained and scales up in times to come. We have delivered growth to every client who has subscribed to Business Growth Mentorship module.

Our Esteemed Clients