Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click or Google Ads service

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC is a type of marketing technique in which each time an advertisement gets a click from an online user, the advertiser pays a certain amount or a fee to google which actually provide the platform to create ads and run them on various google associated sites and google itself. It is a method of " buying" visitors as compared to the organic process where web traffic comes in naturally. One of the most popular and sought-after platforms for Pay Per Click services is Search Engines. The advertiser bid for a spot for ad placement on the page of the search engine in its sponsored links. Whenever someone searches for a keyword, say for example "software" and clicks on it, your ad might get placed on the top of the result page of the search engine through PPC. The cost per click gets decided through a bid. This cost is comparatively a smaller amount compared with the result of the investment. The number of visitors goes up considerably through such PPC marketing which thereby leads to greater conversions and sales. Google is one of the most popular search engine platforms for marketing your product/ service through this marketing tool.

PPC Service in India

Pay Per Click Service is fast gaining popularity as an effective marketing tool that helps in increasing the web traffic to your webpage. For obtaining the best results for sustainable growth of your brand, it is essential to invest in a good digital marketing agency that will provide you with insights on the best keywords, landing page, etc. Transcend Biz Mentors Pvt. Ltd. is your answer for such innovative and out-of-the-box digital marketing solutions.

After thorough research, we help our clients choose the perfect keywords which are not only common but also the lesser-used ones that help in getting web traffic from all possible directions to the landing page. Such clicks are redirected to the landing page of your website. The landing page to needs to be equally engaging with a great user interface and you can trust Transcend Biz Mentors Pvt. Ltd. to help you create a landing page with an exceptional interface. The brand needs to be equally responsive to such clicks as time is of the essence. Quicker interaction helps build brand loyalty and makes the brand look more accessible.

Few points which can make PPC effective:

  • Well researched keywords that are structured in the right order. If done properly, you will see a great inflow of visitors to your webpage.
  • Keywords that are refined, contextual, and closely related to the products and services you offer.
  • Creativity.
  • Quality of your ad determines your rankings on the search page. Hence a better quality will fetch you better clicks.
  • Evaluation: Keep a constant tab on the analytical reports to see which keywords and working better and use them more frequently. The ones which do not generate much traffic should be dropped.
  • Don't send all web traffic to one link. Modify it as per the needs.