You can also Out-Source your Entire or Specific HR Needs to us

Employees are the differentiators in winning the market place over a longer time period. Which is why we create a Friction-Free & Fun-at-work environment for your Business & Create Conducive Culture, Policies & Campaigns to Synergize & Amplify Output from all levels, through Strategic Programs & Workshops!

We conduct an HR audit as well. Conducting HR audit entails a detailed analysis of HR policies, practices, procedures of the organisation and ascertaining whether it aligns with the organisational strategy and purpose. Areas covered include, but are not restricted to employee relations, performance management systems, compensation systems, record keeping, employee health and safety and so on. The same may be extended to competition benchmarking as well!

Areas of Attention:

  • High employee turnover amongst new &/or good employees
  • Accountable Remuneration Structure
  • Inconsistent Productivity amongst team
  • Inadequate skill sets of employees
  • Inquitable Wokr-Distribution
  • Disengaged Employees
  • Rift between New & Old employees
  • Roles & Accountability Structure
  • Lack of Managerial and Leadership skills in HODs / Managers
  • Not aligned to Organizational Goals
  • Lack of Cohesion and Team Spirit
  • Lack of Professional Decorum
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Policies &/or adherence

Scope of Services:

  • Deploy Special Programs for New Inductees
  • Develop Employee Engagement Programmes
  • Career Progression Policy
  • Industry & Competition Benchmarking
  • Restructuring organisation to create parity in Responsibility / Compensation / Empowerment
  • Mentor the employees with Low- Productivity
  • Design Relevant and Scientific Performance Management Systems
  • Reframe policies and induce buy-in to ensure adherence
  • Training need analysis & Tailor-made Training Interventions
  • Ensure that the desired transformation is created through a Program based Intervention approach and not an inconsistent and incoherent and irrelevant training
  • Job Description & Workflow Analysis
  • Employee personality assessment schedules
  • Creating “Fun-at-work” environment
  • Creating pride in the organisation
  • Develop reward & recognition programmes
  • Mentoring HODs/ Managers to develop leadership and managerial skills
  • Employee and team engagement programmes

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