We even provide Out-Sourcing Solutions for your Entire / Specific HR Department Needs

Employees are the differentiators in winning the market place over a longer time period. Which is why we create a Friction-Free & Fun-at-work environment for your Business and Create Conducive Culture, Policies and Campaigns to Synergize and Amplify Output from all levels, through Strategic programs and Workshops!

Areas of Attention:

  • High employee turnover amongst new and/or good employees
  • Incoherent Remuneration Structure
  • Inconsistent Productivity amongst team
  • Inadequate skill sets of employees
  • Inquitable Wokr-Distribution
  • Disengaged Employees
  • Rift between New and Old employees
  • Lack of Role Clarity
  • Lack of Managerial and Leadership skills in HODs / Managers
  • Not aligned to Organizational Goals
  • Lack of Cohesion and Team Spirit
  • Lack of Professional Decorum
  • Lack of Performance Management Systems
  • Lack of relevant Policies and / or inconsistent adherence

Scope of Services:

  • Deploy Special Programs for New Inductees
  • Develop Employee Engagement Programmes
  • Career Progression Policy
  • Industry & Competition Benchmarking
  • Restructuring organisation to create parity in Responsibility / Compensation / Empowerment
  • Mentor the employees with Low- Productivity
  • Design Relevant and Scientific Performance Management Systems
  • Reframe policies and induce buy-in to ensure adherence
  • Training need analysis & Tailor-made Training Interventions
  • Ensure that the desired transformation is created through a Program based Intervention approach and not an inconsistent and incoherent and irrelevant training
  • Job Description & Workflow Analysis
  • Employee personality assessment schedules
  • Creating “Fun-at-work” environment
  • Creating pride in the organisation
  • Develop reward & recognition programmes
  • Mentoring HODs/ Managers to develop leadership and managerial skills
  • Employee and team engagement programmes

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