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HR Training and Development

  • Employees are the backbone of any organization and Training and Development helps develop a strong backbone for any organization. A well developed and skilled Manpower can lead organizations to great heights.
  • Your existing skilled employees too will need to upskill from time to time.
  • Investing in the development of your employees will result into a high-performance team and will ultimately result in your growth.  
  • We at Transcend Biz Mentors offer an end-to-end Training and Development solution specially designed for your needs. Our experienced trainers and content developers will curate unique trainings after understanding your needs.
  • How is Transcend Biz Mentors L&D different from other training organization?
  • At Transcend Biz Mentors, we believe that everyone is unique and have their specific strengths and challenges. We specialize in creating custom design trainings as per client needs.

Our Process

1Understanding Client Challenges
  • The first step to customized training is to create the trainings. We at Transcend Biz Mentors believe that each organization is unique and special, and each organization will have their unique challenges which are unlike anyone else. To understand these challenges better, we ensure that we have detailed discussion with the Management to understand their expectation. Next, we have discussion with the participants to understand their challenges. When we have both these viewpoints, we can identify the training needs and skill gaps. Many times, scientific and research-based assessment tools are also used for understanding the current working style of individuals. This is the start of creating the trainings.
  • For longer duration trainings and in-depth Skill Gap understanding, we also undertake PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENTS. This assessment is done by certified assessors and counsellors. Advice regarding developmental areas are then discussed with the Management as well as the employee. These areas are the target areas for development during our trainings.
2Designing a Training Program to meet the client challenges
  • The Need analysis throws light on the areas that the participants need to be trained on. Our content development team develops the training content and shares a preliminary outline giving and idea of how the training would be conducted. Inputs are then collected, and the training plan is modified till the time it is in line with the expectation of the clients.
  • After finalizing the training plan, now the team sets to develop the training content, exercises, activities, material etc.
3Delivery of an engaging and learning oriented training
"I Hear and I Forget, I See and I Remember, I Do and I Understand " – Confucius. At Transcend Biz Mentors, we believe that experience is the best teacher. Thus, our training techniques deal with giving experiences to the learners to enable learning and growth. The participants learn by doing activities, solving case studies, group discussions, video-based discussion, outbound activities etc. This is what is called experiential learning i.e. learning by experiencing.
4Enabling learners and ensuring training sticks
At Transcend Biz Mentors we aim at enabling learners with tools and techniques which ensures training sticks. Habit formation is what we get done through our custom designed exercises. We believe that when the learners keep doing something consciously and repeatedly then they form better habits which results into behavioral changes and ultimately individual growth .
5Post Program follow-ups and hand holding
Our team also designs follow-up and handholding exercises for the clients even after the training gets over. These exercises can be led by the trainers themselves, facilitators, or internally too. A unique feature is that these follow-up exercises may be conducted offline as well as online with the help of virtual boards.

Training workshops

Organisations today need skilled workforce who are agile in their thoughts as well as actions. It is becoming increasingly important that the workforce is multiskilled as well as diverse-skilled. These skills may be acquired on the job or through training and development activities.

Our training workshops aim at developing skills so that the participants go back and are able to implement the same at their workplace. Trainings are highly customized and are curated after detailed need analysis. Our experts train on various Behavioural Skills, Technical Skills and Selling skills. We also conduct programs to develop Managerial Skills, Supervisory Skills, Leadership Skills where a noticeable change in behaviour is observed.

All this in turn will ensure that the individuals themselves get developed and grow, as well as the organisation progresses in the desired direction and at the desired rate.

Training Interventions

Experience is a great teacher. But as individuals gain experience, they get set in their ways. With the dynamic environment in which the organisation operates, it becomes imperative that the working styles need to undergo change.

Basic nature of individuals showcases resistance to any kind of change but change is needed. As the name intervention suggests, we intervene in the working of the individuals to help them modify their behaviour. This ensures that they are more adept at the challenges faced at workplace. Interventions helps in bringing about a concrete change in individual working style.

Interventions can be done with team members who have been identified as High Potential and are getting ready for bigger challenges. Interventions can also be done to help participants manage the changing environment and perform better at their workplace.

Our interventions are designed after in-depth analysis of the working style, participant’s profile, challenges faced, expectations of the organisation and much more. We also advice psychometric analysis as and where needed for Gap identification. This makes the intervention more relevant.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric testing tries to explore how suitable an individual is for the demands of the job in an organisation. It measures individual traits such as intelligence, values and behaviours. Psychometric tools look at two aspects of an individual. The first is the individual’sabilities and the second is the candidate’s personality.

Psychometric Assessments are used for purpose of recruitment. Thus the individual’s personal profile is matched with the demands of the job. It throws light on the suitability of the individual to the job.

Psychometric is also used for the purpose of training. The organisation share their expectations from the candidate performing a particular job. The psychometric throws light about the candidate and also showcases the developmental areas or skills gaps. These gaps is addressed during trainings and interventions to ensure that the candidate becomes a better fit for the job.

We have experts of Extended DISC, Thomas Profiling, Belbin, 16pf and MBTI on our panel to suit the needs of the clients. We match the requirements with the best suited assessment and advice based on it.

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